Leadership and Staff

SWAN is represented by seven elected board members, all of whom are distinguished members of the Illinois community and directors of SWAN-member libraries:

Ted Bodewes, President
Director of the Thomas Ford Memorial Library

Jesse Blazek
Director of the Palos Heights Public Library

Dawn Bussey
Directory of the Glen Ellyn Public Library

Jane Jenkins
Director of the Green Hills Public Library District

Julie Milavec
Director of the Downers Grove Public Library

Jennifer Cottrill
Director of the Midlothian Public Library

Stacy Wittmann
Director of the Eisenhower Public Library

SWAN services are operated by a team of staff that support the unique and varied needs of our member libraries. Offering IT, bibliographic services, member services, and a host of administrative support, the SWAN staff proudly includes:

Ginny Blake, Office Manager

Scott Brandwein, Bibliographic Services Manager 

Mary Alice Buckley, Bibliographic Services Clerk

Samantha Dietel, Member Services Consultant 

Robin Hofstetter, Electronic Resources Consultant

Rudy Host, Network Administrator 

Diane Nickolaou, Bibliographic Services Support Specialist 

Claudia Nickson, Bibliographic Services Consultant

Ian Nosek, System Administrator 

Dave Pacin, Member Services Support Specialist 

Helen Pinder, Member Services Support Analyst

Angela Puckett, Bibliographic Services Support Specialist

Steven Schlewitt, IT Manager 

Michael Szarmach, Member Services Support Specialist 

Aaron Skog, Executive Director 

Sue Stupar, Bibliographic Services Support Specialist

Dawne Tortorella, Assistant Director

Vickie Totton, Member Services Consultant

Crystal Vela, Member Services Consultant

Tara Wood, User Experience Manager