What’s New In Your Library Catalog

Better layout for phones and tablets

Your library catalog is now mobile-friendly! If you are using the catalog on your phone or tablet, you should now see an easier-to-read layout that adapts to your device.

If you are on a phone or tablet:

  • Tap the menu icon to log in and see My Account
  • Tap Search Options to limit your search to just your library, downloads, or articles.
  • After you search, tap Limit Search Results to filter your results by format, fiction or nonfiction, and more.

Easily see on-shelf items

If an item is on shelf in your library, you’ll see a green “on shelf” checkbox.

on shelf icon with green checkbox

Otherwise, you’ll see that all copies are in use, or your library does not own the item. In both of these cases, you can place a hold so you’ll get the next available copy.

Get started with the mobile-friendly catalog

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19 Kane, DuPage libraries join SWAN, gain access to nearly 10 million items

Library users from 19 public, private, school, and academic libraries are now part of the System Wide Automated Network (SWAN). The library network combines the collections of 97 libraries into a single, searchable public web catalog of nearly 10 million items. Libraries in SWAN share items with each other through the catalog, with many items available for delivery from one library to another via a State-supported courier delivery system. Library cardholders within the 97 libraries will find it easy to visit nearby library or request items for pick-up at their home library or another library participating in SWAN’s pick-up anywhere service.