Full Text

Full-text access is made available by your library through subscriptions from database providers such as EBSCO and GALE. To access the article click the title of the article or the Full Text button.

After clicking the title or the Full Text button you will be asked to sign in using your library barcode and PIN on the SWAN Library Services sign in screen.

After you sign in you will be taken to a detailed record in Ebscohost that will provide full text to the article. It will also provide the article in other formats such as PDF Full Text.

From the detailed record display in Ebscohost you can use the Tools on the toolbar to the right to print, email, save, and share.

To go back to the library catalog results for your Article Search, click the back button on your browser. (The first time you use the back button you will be taken through the sign in screen for SWAN Library Services.)