Searching for eBooks & Audio

Perform a search

We recommend logging into your library account prior to starting a search.

  1. Select the Downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks collection from the drop-down.
  2. Select a field from the drop-down menu. (If you are unsure leave the default to All Fields.)
  3. Enter your search term in the search box.
  4. Hit enter or click the magnifying glass to begin the search.

Limit Search Results

You can limit your eBook and Audiobook results by using the Limit Search Results filters. You can choose between format, downloadable format, vendor, publication date, and more. Select the checkbox and hit the apply button.


Downloadable Format describes the format that will be downloaded to your device. (For Kindle users, the downloadable format is Kindle. See more about Kindle downloads on the Kindle page.)

You can select multiple downloadable formats by clicking view all.

From the pop-up screen, select the checkbox of the formats you would like to include or exclude and hit the include or exclude button.


Vendors are the companies that supply the titles in the downloadable format. This is similar to the way that streaming tv services are provided. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are all vendors. Typical vendors that are available from your library include Hoopla, OverDrive, and Baker & Taylor. You can include or exclude results by vendor. A vendor account will need to be created with each vendor in order to download the titles. You can find more about vendor accounts on the Accounts page.