Mobile App Account

Your mobile app account lets you manage your holds, checkouts, fines, family cards, and preferences.

View your account

Select Account to open the account drawer.

account button on bottom of screen

Enable dark mode

Select Account, then the moon icon dark mode iconto turn on dark mode and the sun icon to turn it off.

dark mode icon

Checked out titles

Select Account, then Checked Out Titles.

You will see your checkouts with Author, Title, Format, and Due Date.

If you have linked your card, you will see Checked Out To so you know which account has the title checked out.

account menu options
Account menu
checked out titles
Checked out titles

Renew titles

You can use the Renew All button at the top to renew your titles.

Or you can tap individual titles and view a pop up with renewal options.

Titles on hold

Select Account, then Titles on Hold.

You will see a list of your holds with Holds Ready for Pickup at the top if you have any holds ready.

You can select the checkbox next to any title to manage your holds, or select multiples at once. You will see a pop up to Cancel, Freeze, or Unfreeze holds.

Do you need more information about holds? Learn about holds in the catalog.

holds screen
Holds screen showing your holds ready to pick up
holds options including cancel and freeze
Select any of your titles to manage your holds


Select Account, then Lists.

You will see any lists you have already created.

You can also select Create a New List.

Tap on a list to view your titles, edit your list, or delete specific items.

list screen to create new list
Create a new list and view your list of lists
titles in a list
View your titles in a list, where you can view or delete titles

Saved searches

Select Account, then Saved Searches.

If you have saved any searches, they will appear here. Tap any of your saved searches to go to that search. At this time you can only save searches on the web version of the catalog.

list of saved searches

Checkout History

Select Account, then Checkout History.

You can either view or start recording your reading history, depending on if you have turned it on yet. Learn more about checkout history in the catalog.

view your checked out titles in your account


Select Account, then Profile.

You will see information from your library account, including the email on file if you need to reset a lost PIN.

Linked accounts

Select Account, then Linked Accounts. You will be able to see any accounts you have added any any accounts linking your account.

Learn more about linked accounts.

add a barcode and a pin to link an account
You can choose to add linked accounts to be able to help others with their library account and checkouts


Select Account, then Profile. From here you can manage the titles that appear on your app home screen and any notifications.

Manage browse categories

You will see all of the categories available on your app home screen, and turn off any you don’t want to see (e.g. new movies).

Manage notifications

We suggest setting Allow Notifications and Allow All so you will get important updates from your library.

choose what displays on your app home screen
Browse categories appear as suggestions on your app home screen
notification settings to get alerts from  your library
You can choose to receive notifications from your library