Reset Your PIN

If you are having any problems accessing your online library account, please ask your library for assistance.

SWAN recommends a minimum of 6 digits for increased security. Some third-party integration requires numeric pin authentication, therefore, PINs need to be numeric for optimal compatibility with all services.

Whether you are a new SWAN library user or have had your library card for quite some time, you can update your PIN by following these steps.

Can you Log in to the Catalog?

If you are currently able to login to the library catalog you can update your PIN directly from My Account.

  1. Click on the Log In button in the catalog.
  2. Enter the library card number and current PIN.
  3. Click on My Account.
    Under Personal Information, expand the Change PIN menu.
  4. Fill out the prompts and click update. You will receive a message that the PIN has been changed.
Enterprise Login

Forgot your PIN?

If you have a valid email address associated with your library card, you can request a PIN reset.

  1. Click Forgot my PIN on the login screen.
  2. Enter the library card number.
  3. Look for an email providing instructions on the next steps.

Forgot my PIN on login screen
Forgot my PIN email recovery