Your Library Notices

You can receive your library notifications via email, text, or phone. Check with your local library to see what notification types they support.


Adding your email to your library account is the best way to be sure to receive all types of notices from your library.

Check your email in your account in My Account > Account Settings > Contact Information

You can change your email yourself if it is incorrect; if you never added an email to your account, contact your library to add a new email address.


You can opt in to receive text messages for certain types of notices: hold pickups and overdue notices.

Set your text message settings in My Account > Account Settings> Text Message Settings


You can opt in to receive a phone notice for hold pickups and overdue notices. Contact your library if you wish to receive a phone notice.

Types of notices

  • Hold pickup: You have holds at the library ready for you to pickup
  • Hold cancellation: You have a hold that was canceled
  • Courtesy notice: You have items due soon
  • Overdue: You have items that are overdue
  • Bills: You have been billed for a library item