Starting a Search

Search for books, audio, and video at your home library or all SWAN libraries. If you are searching for eBooks and other downloadable content, learn more about eBooks & downloads.

Perform a search

We recommend logging into your library account prior to starting a search.

  1. Type your search term in the search box (e.g. title, subject, or author.)
  2. Select a library or collection from the drop down menu. (If you are unsure leave the default to All Libraries.)
  3. Select a field from the drop down menu. (If you are unsure leave the default to All Fields.)
  4. Click the search magnifying glass to start your search.
Perform a search steps

Search results

Understanding your search results at a glance will help you find items that are important to you.

  1. Title – The title of an item related to your search term.
  2. By – The items author, illustrator, director, etc.
  3. Item information – See the item format, edition, publication date, and more if available.
  4. Holds & copies – See if any holds are placed on the item and how many copies exist at all SWAN libraries.
  5. Copy status – See if your home library or another SWAN library owns the item.
Search results steps

Detailed view

View more information about the item and the copies available.

  1. Select a title in your search results.
  2. Detailed display – See additional information in the item’s record.
  3. Copies – See which library owns the item, the call number, item location, material type, and the item status.
  4. Summary – An overview of the items description(if available.)
  5. Read-alikes and more – See recommendations, reviews, and other related content you might be interested in (if available.)
Detailed view steps